BATIFACE Rapid acting killer on contact for moss, algae and lichen. Cleaning action.
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Batiface is a powerful alkaline cleaner and contact moss killing solution. Fast acting Batiface quickly removes moss, lichen and algae and renovates surfaces such as tarmac, to 'as new'. It should be used when it is important to clean surfaces of stubborn stains such as from lichen and blackspot.

Do not use Batiface on aluminium or delicate surfaces such as carpets. (Use Baticlean CR on such surfaces). After use, it is still recommended to use Baticlean CR and leaving this on the surface to kill any remaining spores.

For more advice and help with killing moss on all different types of surface please see our CLEANING ADVICE pages. However please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Please use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • Batiface should be applied using a sprayer (however coating using a brush, roller or watering can is acceptable) and should be left on the surface for about 10 minutes but no longer than 30-60 minutes, depending on climate and staining.
  • Do not let dry on the surface. Brush in when applying and then rinse with water and a brush or pressure washer to remove any remaining growth.
  • For heavily soiled areas or for lichen and black spot, use undiluted - 1 litre of this Rapid Acting Moss & Algae Killer will cover approx. 6m2.
  • For light moss and lichen coverage, dilute Batiface to a ratio of 50:50 in water to cover 12m2.
  • After the allotted time rinse the area well.

What is the best way to apply Batiface?

Batiface can be applied in a number of ways however we recommend using a sprayer as this will give you the best coverage at the ideal concentration and coverage rate. Whilst we recommend using a sprayer you can decide upon the best method of application for your particular area.

Why does Batiface need to be rinsed?

Batiface is a product that is designed to kill moss on contact and is therefore not pH neutral. As it is not neutral we recommend that the surface is rinsed however don't be too alarmed as the rinsing does two jobs. Firstly, it is rinsing the product but secondly the mechanical action of rinsing will help to remove the dead growth.

Can I use Batiface on any surface?

As Batiface is not pH neutral there are some types of surface upon which we recommend not using Batiface. It can be used on all types of mineral surface such as patio slabs, stone and brickwork as well as plastic surfaces such as uPVC and conservatory roofing sheets. We do not recommend using Batiface on some metal surfaces such as aluminium. If you are planning to use Batiface near any surface upon which you don't want Batiface then we recommend wiping the surface after application, to ensure any overspray is removed, or covering surfaces to ensure that no overspray can come into contact with the area.

As with all our professional quality cleaning products, if you have any concerns then we recommend applying to a small area to test for compatibility prior to large scale treatment.