ProSanit Strong Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner

Professional and industrial strength bathroom cleaner and descaler

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ProSanit is a powerful, acidic, cleaning descaler specially formulated to clean and rejuvenate sanitaryware including WCs, urinals, baths, showers, taps and many other surfaces not sensitive to strong acids.

As well as removing scale, soap scum and rust traces from these surfaces, ProSanit can also be used on tiled floors and walls. When used on tiles within a shower or around a bath it will return them to their best removing limescale and cleaning grout.

For a shock treatment or for heavy descaling: Use pure

For general cleaning/maintenance: Use diluted 3-5% in water

Do not use on copper and do not mix with bleach.

For best application we recommend using an acid resistant sprayer. We have a full range of such sprayers from 1-litre to 10-litre spraying capacity.

Do I need to spray ProSanit?

If you are cleaning large areas or clean multiple surfaces then we recommend using a sprayer as it will give the best application rate and keeps liquids safe from spillage. You can wipe ProSanit onto a surface but you should wear appropriate gloves as ProSanit is a strong product.

Why is ProSanit not supplied in a spray bottle?

To save you money and to reduce wastage. We have a very comprehensive range of sprayers to handle all types of corrosive and non corrosive products and all of these sprayers are of a high quality and designed to be reused. If we sell ProSanit (and many other of our products) in a standard single use sprayer then you are having to pay for a sprayer then you can effectively use only once before it is thrown away.

I can buy a bathroom cleaner in a supermarket, why should I buy ProSanit?

Quality and price. ProSanit is a high quality, professional product that is supplied in concentrated form. If you are using it at 5% dilution (for general cleaning) then 1 litre of ProSanit will make around 20 litres of cleaning solution.