Suction 4

Easily extract liquids from any location with this 4-litre capacity siphon tank. Ideal for both oil, fuel and water collection.

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Our Suction 4 makes the removal of all types of liquid an easy, quick and clean task. Simply de-pressurise the tank, place the suction hose into the liquid and open the flow valve.

The strong, single piece tank has an operating pressure of -1bar and once de-pressurised, will siphon any type of non-corrosive, non-flammable liquid or lubricant via the 1-metre suction hose and brass ball valve. The fitted pressure gauge gives a clear reading of the pressure within the tank giving you complete control of the extraction process.

When you have de-pressurised the Suction 4, you will be able to collect and fill the 4-litre tank, in a matter of seconds, without having to de-pressurise further. This can save a lot of time and, potentially, a lot of mess.

Our Suction 4 can be used for many jobs such as empty toilets (preferably of clean water), cisterns, oil tanks, fuel tanks, engine oil, spillage trays, inspection pits, washing machines or even provide dry access to external water meters.

When full, the tank can be emptied with ease by unscrewing the central compression chamber.

  • Tank Volume - 4-litres
  • Operating Pressure - -1 bar
  • Tank - Single piece Polyethylene
  • Hose - 100cm reinforced PVC with ball valve (plus additional 50cm x 8mm suction hose)
  • Seals - NBR
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature - 30oC
  • Unit Weight - 1.5kg

How long does it take to fill the tank?

The total time depends upon the viscosity (thickness) of the liquid being collected. For water, the tank can be filled (4-litres) in around 30 seconds. Obviously, the thicker the liquid then the slower the collection will be however, as you can see, collection is not slow so the unit can save a lot of time.

I see that the tank has a flow valve, how strong is it?

Everything on the valve, apart from the tap, is made of metal including the hose connectors. This makes for a strong valve with strong connectors so it is not something that is easy to break.

The unit is supplied with a total of 1.5-metres of hose. Can we get longer?

Yes. The unit is supplied with a 1-metre length of PVC hose plus 50cm of 8mm hose. We can supply a longer length if this is something that would help and there are options in the purchase section to order the unit with an additional, longer hose.