Sprovit CR - Super Concentrated Glass Cleaner

Sprovit CR is a professional glass and window cleaner in super concentrated form so each litre makes 50 litres

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Sprovit CR is for the effective cleaning of windows and other glass and reflective surfaces. It is supplied in super concentrated form and should be used, diluted in water, at a concentration between 1.5% and 4% depending upon the level of cleaning required.

When used for cleaning windows it will effectively remove atmospheric dirt and other staining without leaving traces. Sprovit can also be used for cleaning inside a property on such surfaces as windows and mirrors.

Sprovit can be applied with a cloth by hand, for external groundfloor windows, or from a flooded pole or by spray. The level of concentration should be relative to the type of application, contamination levels and water temperature.

Each litre of Sprovit CR supplied will make 50 litres, so a 10 litre container can be diluted to make 500 litres.

What difference does water temperature make to the concentration?

Most chemical products are more active at higher temperatures. Have you tried washing up in cold water? This doesn't mean that cleaning windows with cold water isn't effective nor does it mean that we should all be using boiling water but cleaning will be quicker with warm water and you will be able to use Sprovit CR at a lower concentration.

Why would I want to use a sprayer to wash my windows?

Using a sprayer will greatly reduce the amount of water that you use therefore the amount of Sprovit when compared to using a bucket and cloth or sponge. A sprayer will also keep surrounding areas clean and dry. The method of cleaning that we recommend is to first spray the window and allow the Sprovit solution to work upon the dirt. After a short time, wipe the window then spray with clean water to rinse and squeegee/chamois them dry.