5.4-Metre Telescopic Lance & Connector

5.4-metre telescopic lance plus in-line connector for our range of Mesto sprayers.

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This telescopic extension lance will increase the reach of your spraying by over 5.4-metres. Popular, lightweight and very strong, this long reach spraying lance is designed to be used in a wide range of areas including around your home and garden as well as within industrial and construction zones.

The high manufacturing standards, unique five piece telescopic design and construction materials makes our lance a market leader. Weighing in at just 1100g and with Viton seals this sprayer lance will help you with even the most awkward of spraying jobs. Roofs, high walls and fruit trees will now not be out of reach.

This bundle includes both the telescopic lance and our In-line connector for use with our range of Mesto sprayers.

If adding a hood, you will need the directional tube to connect them.

Is it possible to extend the 5.4-metre lance?

The first thing to remember is that this lance is 5.4-metres long however you have to add to this the spray reach which will be around a further 400mm - 500mm which means that you will be getting a total spray reach of closer to 6-metres. If you still feel that this isn't quite long enough then we recommend using our 45cm Extension Bundle which includes the 45cm extension, threaded connector and professional quality brass nozzle. With this fitted to the telescopic lance, your reach will be around 5.8-metres plus the spray reach.

Is this lance easy to fit to the sprayers?

Yes. We know that you wouldn't expect us to say that it is difficult, but the telescopic lance is very easy to fit to your sprayer and it shouldn't take any longer than a few seconds to be up and running.

How do I connect my sprayer to the telescopic lance?

The telescopic lance fits to our sprayers in one of two ways depending upon which model of sprayer you have; you either connect the hose (that runs from the sprayer tank) directly to the lance or this connection is made via one of our connecting hoses or tubes from the sprayer handle.

I must need a sprayer with a lot of pressure to reach over 5 metres from the ground?

All the compression and knapsack sprayers within our range will provide enough pressure for these telescopic lances. You really should have a minimum of 3 BAR to operate the lances properly and all of our sprayers range from 3 BAR to 6 BAR pressure.

What is the best sprayer tank size for these lances?

The reach of these lances is 5.4-metres, so the recoil hose is closer to 7-metres in length. This means that you need a larger amount of liquid just to fill the hose. That is before you have actually sprayed anything, so you are better to have a larger tank than a smaller tank. For this lance, we suggest a minimum tank working capacity of 5-litres. Just remember, the smaller the tank then the more often you will have to stop spraying to refill it.