Telescopic Lance Connector Pack

Replacement connectors or our 5.4 & 3.2 metre telescopic lances.

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Each £4·95 exc VAT
Total £4·95 exc VAT
Total £5·94 inc VAT

Included with your telescopic lance is a small plastic bag that contains an instruction sheet and three plastic pieces. These are all important to the effective operation of the lance but, being small, things can get lost especially in the excitment of using a new piece of equipment. So, to save the day, here is a replacement kit.

This kit is to be used with both our 3.2 metre and 5.4 metre telescopic lances.

Black Plastic Reducer - Required when connecting your lance to a compression sprayer

Grey & Black Holder - Required when you want to use different nozzles from the one supplied

I didn't get one of these packs with my telescopic lance.

You did. Have another look in the plastic bag in which the lance was packed as we double check every lance that leaves us to ensure that the pack is enclosed. If you can't find it then have a look in the area that you unpacked the lance or check through the original packaging.

Why do I need to use the reducer?

The thread of the connectors on the compression sprayers and knapsack sprayers is very slightly different. If you don't connect the reducer when using your telescopic lance with a compression sprayer then you will find that the connection will leak.

Why would I want to use different nozzles?

The main reason for changing a nozzle is the spray pattern. Each nozzle produces a different type of spray pattern which means the pattern or shape that the liquid makes as it exits the nozzle. For example, the telescopic lance is supplied with a nozzle that produces a circle also known as a hollow cone. You may prefer a flat fan which means that the spray comes out and forms a straight line. Different nozzles, different shapes for different uses. For a selection of different nozzles we have our Sprayer Spare Nozzle Set.