Sprayer Extension Lance - 3.2 metres

Telescopic lance that can be used with all knapsack and compression sprayers within our range.

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Our telescopic pressure sprayer long extension lance will increase the reach of your spraying by over 3.2m. Popular, lightweight and very strong, this long reach sprayer lance is designed to be used in a wide range of areas including home & garden, industrial and construction.

The very high manufacturing standards, unique five piece telescopic design and construction materials makes our lance a market leader. Weighing just 1100g and with Viton seals this sprayer extension lance will help you with even the most awkward of spraying jobs. Roofs, high walls and fruit trees will now not be out of reach especially with the addition of our Directional Extension Tube which is a 250mm extension that fits to the end of the lance and can be positioned to any angle, meaning that if you can reach it then you can spray it.

This lance can be used with all sprayers within our range we can't guarantee that it will fit to any other sprayers.

REPLACEMENT CONNECTOR PACK - The telescopic lance is supplied with a connnector pack however, lose any of the small parts and you won't be able to use the lance to its maximum.

RECTANGULAR HOOD & CONNECTOR - A spray hood can help to reduce drift when spraying. Especially good when spraying at height. This hood requires the flexible connecting pipe when being used with a telescopic lance.

CONICAL HOOD & CONNECTOR - A round hood can be better if being used with a hollow cone nozzle which is fitted as standard to the telescopic lances.

REPLACEMENT NOZZLE PACK - Spare nozzles and a range of different nozzles giving options to vary your spray pattern to match your spraying requirement.

As you may be aware, we have a choice of two telescopic lances; the first is 5.4 meters in length and this model is 3.2 meters when fully extended.

The shorter 3.2-meter lance weighs 580g and is a 3-section lance that is supplied in a clear plastic bag along with an instruction leaflet, connection adaptor and nozzle housings. Upon opening the bag, my first impression was that it didn’t quite look quite as impressive as the longer model. However, it is nearly half the weight of the 5.4-meter lance and over 2-meters shorter so this explains why the handle and shaft is not as thick as the longer telescopic lance.

The lance is green and black in colour with a matt black handle that has a black bung, on the end, to help protect it when in use. Both lances in our telescopic range are constructed in the same way with the sprayer connection and trigger being clamped at the top of the handle and the hose is coiled around the lance to the nozzle.

The unit is very easy to set-up as it is supplied ‘ready to go’. It can be used with all the knapsack and compression sprayers within our range and all you do is either connect your sprayer directly to the lance or connect via an adaptor. I used the lance with our IK Metal compression sprayer but the method of connection is almost the same for every unit.

To connect this particular sprayer all that I had to do was disconnect the sprayer hose from its lance and connect it to the telescopic lance. That was it. Simply disconnect the hose and connect it to the telescopic lance. As I have said, some sprayers require the use of the supplied adaptor and others require a separate adaptor however the connection process is basically the same.

So, with everything connected it’s time to do some spraying. The lance is designed to be used at its full extended length of 3.2-meters therefore with all 3 sections pulled into place however I have found it quite easy to use the lance when not fully extended so with only 1 or 2 of the pieces extended. The set-up process is the same, either way you want to use it. To extend the lance, I found it easier to stand it on the floor with the heel of the handle between my feet. This allowed me to hold the lance in place and then gently pull the first extension piece until it locks into place. This process is repeated until all 3 pieces are pulled tight and your lance is standing 3.4 meters high. If you want to use this full length then, at this point, you are ready to spray. Just think of this telescopic lance as a larger version of the lance that you would normally use with your sprayer. The hose is connected so just pump your sprayer up to working pressure and depress the thumb trigger to start the flow of liquid. If you want to use the lance at various lengths, then all that is required is to extend the lance to the desired reach and insert the supplied soft wedge to hold the extension in place. If you don’t use the wedge, then nothing will collapse but the nozzle may move around making is harder to do very accurate spraying. Once you’ve finished your spraying we recommend flushing the hose with clean water and removing the nozzle when storing. This will allow the hose to fully dry and will greatly increase the lifespan of the lance.

I have found both of the telescopic lances easy to use, lightweight, low cost and very effective. They are intended to be used with all types of cleaning / herbicide / fungicide solutions at ambient temperature and with a pH of between 5.5 and 8.5 therefore relatively pH neutral products. If you are after a lance to spray anything other than this then this is not the lance for you however if you want a piece of equipment that does what it is supposed to do, is easy to use and is very good value for money then this is a telescopic lance that you should seriously consider buying.

Is it possible to extend the 3.2-metre lance?

Yes. There are a number of options to increase the length of the telescopic lance, the most popular is to attach our 500mm extension lance which will increase the overall lance length to 3.7-metres. If using this extension then we recommend either our Double Spray Nozzle or Double Head Extension both of which allow you to double the area you can spray with a single pass.

Is this lance easy to fit to the sprayers?

Yes, the telescopic lance is very easy to fit to your sprayer and it shouldn't take any longer than a few seconds to be up and running.

How do I connect the telescopic lance to my sprayer?

The telescopic lance fits to our sprayers in one of two ways depending upon which model of sprayer you have; you either connect the hose (that runs from the tank) directly to the lance or this connection is made via one of our connecting hoses or tubes.

How do I know if the sprayer I buy from you needs a connector?

You will be told either on the sprayer information pages or during your checkout process. Don't worry about the extra cost as these connectors start at £1.79.

I must need a sprayer with a lot of pressure to reach over 3 metres from the ground?

All the compression and knapsack sprayers within our range will provide enough pressure for these telescopic lances. You really should have a minimum of 3 BAR to operate the lances properly and all of our sprayers range from 3 BAR to 6 BAR pressure.

What is the best sprayer tank size for these lances?

The reach of these lances is 3.2 metres, so the recoil hose is closer to 5 metres in length. This means that you need a certain amount of liquid just to fill the hose. That is before you have actually sprayed anything, so you are better to have a larger tank than a smaller tank. For these lances, we suggest a minimum tank working capacity of 5 litres. Just remember, the smaller the tank then the more often you will have to stop spraying to refill it.

I already have a sprayer, will your lance fit it?

Maybe. Nearly all sprayer manufacturers produce their equipment with different sized connection threads. If it doesn't fit, then you will be able to have a connector made at a plumbing merchant or hydraulic hose supplier for a very reasonable price. If you want to be certain that everything will fit, then buy the lance and sprayer from our range.

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