Wasp Trap With Attractant Lure

WILL NOT CATCH BEES. This trap attracts and catches wasps with an attractant lure and ensures that they cannot escape.

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This trap attracts and catches wasps due to its attractant lure, 125ml supplied, and ensures that they cannot escape. It will not catch bees so that you can be assured that they are protected.

The best time to hang the trap, away from eating and seated areas, is from the start of summer after their time of beneficial insects in the spring is over and before they become aggressive in their quest for sweet substances. When the trap is full of wasps, submerge in water so that it can be re-used and there is no risk of being stung. The trap can be used for many years and is an effective chemical free method of freeing your garden of wasps.

Trap Contents

Your trap consists of 4 separate parts plus a bottle of attractant. Your trap is assembled before it leaves us to ensure that the trap is complete before it is packaged for delivery to you:

  • 1 x clear plastic bucket trap
  • 1 x yellow base with access point
  • 1 x plastic locking strap with two hanging points
  • 1 x trap hanging string


We do assemble most of these traps for you however, the trap should only take a couple of minutes to assemble and should be quite self explanatory however the following step by step instructions may help:

  • Place yellow base on table
  • Put clear bucket on top ensuring the two locating lugs are inserted into base
  • Fit plastic locking strap into base and over clear bucket
  • Attach hanging string to lid and hang trap

The attractant is poured into the yellow base.

As the trap is designed to be hanging, ensure that all of the parts are fitted securely.