Paradise Total Weed Killer

Paradise weedkiller kills weeds for up to 6 months. 50g container, will cover up to 3000 square metres.

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Paradise is a powerful, non-selective residual broad spectrum herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and permeable surfaces overlying soil. Paradise is long-lasting and effective at low rates so will save costs as one application of Paradise can save repeated treatments. If weeds are already present, tank mix Paradise with a suitable contact herbicide such as glyphosate and apply when weeds are actively growing.

Paradise weedkiller is supplied in a 50g container. This will, on average, cover over 3000m2 and should be mixed 5g with 30 litres of water or for best results mix with Round Up Biactive, this will kill all present weeds and act as a barrier stopping new weeds from growing. Apply in late winter or Spring for maximum results.

Not best used on bare vegetation or permeable surfaces over soil. Best for paths and gravel areas. Will NOT control the folowing weeds: Fat hen, Horsetail, Black nightshade, Common field speedwell, Smooth hawksbeard, Common sowthistle, Ribwort plantain, Narrow-leaved ragwart, Annual meadow grass.

Contains 25% w/w flazasulfuron.