Proclean C6

Dissolves cooking fats and disintegrates carbon deposits in kitchen ovens, roasters, grills and wood burning stoves.

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Proclean C6 is a professional quality product for the cleaning of ovens, hobs, wood burners and ducting with no fuss. It is non-flammable and can be used both neat or diluted. Ideal for cleaning blackened wood burning stove glass within seconds without damage. Proclean C6 can be used on food preparation surfaces. In addition, this product has anti-deposit properties, so will help to keep the surface clean so that it can easily be maintained in the future and the glass keeps clearer for longer.

Our Proclean C6 has been formulated for the effective degreasing and cleaning of ovens, barbecues, grills and stoves as well as dissolving baked on grease and carbon deposits. Proclean C6 will also clean chimneys, ducting, filters and extraction systems. Its components have been certified for use in a cleaning product for surfaces in contact with food. (HACCP)


Shake before use. Apply Proclean C6 by spray directly on the surfaces to be cleaned. Surface temperature should not exceed 45°C. Leave to act until the grease and carbon deposits are softened. Rinse with clean, warm water using a sponge.