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C. Manton, Worcestershire

"I bought a 5l Profi sprayer, an extended lance and some Baticlean off these guys and am over the moon with it all. I could probably have bought it cheaper from multiple sources but it seems like these guys have done their homework and sourced some good products that do the job. The sprayer is fantastic, a million miles away from the common diy ones that I've bought countless times before. It has a full spares list with a guarantee of how long they will supply the bits for. really well made, pump it up once for 3 or 4 litres of spray, excellent. The lance is much longer than expected (be careful with this) but really functional and saved hours of ladder work. The spray is effective in light moss build up but needs a second going over with heavy build on a north facing roof, I will be back for more."

Sep 14, 2021

J. Inman, Essex

"Thanks to you and the boss for ensuring I have the right connector for my needs!"

Aug 02, 2021

R. Seth, Lanarkshire

"Prompt delivery and exactly what I wanted. Would use again without hesitation."

Jul 19, 2021

A. Jolly via Facebook

"Excellent service . Great online catalogue , easily navigational . Good prices and fast delivery"

Jun 16, 2021

A. Greenwood, Aberdeen

"Order arrived quickly. Excellent customer service. Very effective weedkiller."

Jun 01, 2021

Sue, via Facebook

"I bought some to get rid of moss on a single storey roof, which kept dropping onto the path. It worked really well so I bought some more and have treated all my paths and the patio area, which look so much better now.

I used a pressure sprayer which released the flow at just the correct rate and it was easy to use."

Apr 26, 2021

Mr Chatfield, via Email

"I am very pleased with the spraying equipment you supplied me that I have found to be of a good quality and the moss killer seems to be doing the job."

Apr 14, 2021

Mr Graham, via Google

"I was impressed with the excellent information on the website. the sprayer and moss killer arrived on time.

Very robust sprayer."

Apr 12, 2021

Mr Drury, via Facebook

"Great customer service will use again."

Apr 08, 2021

Ms Monaco, via Facebook

"Excellent product, purchased recently, great for removing the moss"

Mar 30, 2021

Mr Padley, Lincolnshire

"Many thanks for the great product again...

Highly recommend this to anybody...much appreciated..."

Mar 29, 2021

Mr Barry, via Facebook

"A+ product and service . Thank you ."

Mar 25, 2021

Mr Pritchard, Suffolk

"SPCB have supplied long lances and sprayers which enable the application of Baticlean easily, comfortably and largely from ground level over most of this site. The roof has cleared and better still lichen and blackening on the tiles has been removed. The the whole house looking much better, brighter and cleaner for little physical effort. The roof drains nicely during downpours, and gutters are clearer. Regular Baticlean sessions are now in the diary in order to maintain this state of affairs. It’s worth noting that house is surrounded by planting which I try and avoid moistening, and it appears unperturbed by my spraying.

I am a huge fan of Baticlean and by definition SPCB who have been both helpful and dependable. Their materials have lifted a weight from my mind, as well as easing a load from my roof. I recommend wholeheartedly SPCB to all in a similar situation."

Mar 18, 2021

Mr Wallace, Dumfriesshire

"Many thanks for the excellent service I have received at every stage of the processing of my order. Being in Scotland and considering the recent weather, I have had no chance as yet to use the mosskiller, but if it is even half as efficient as your service has been it will be a success! I’ll let you know! I have already been singing your praises among friends."

Mar 01, 2021

Mr Barnett, Oxon

"I found your web site extremely helpful and informative when I was trying to find the best way to deal with moss on my roof. The sprayer and telescopic lance I wanted was easy to order, and was delivered promptly. All works well."

Jan 25, 2021

Mr Taylor, Aberdeen

"Thanks for a very efficient delivery of moss killer."

Dec 02, 2020

Mr Wright, Suffolk

"Bought Baticlean for the first time to clear moss from a tennis court . It's a terrific product - the moss has been killed in two or three days without doing any harm to the paint on the court. Have now bought more to kill off moss from everywhere else around the house, including a bit of the roof! Would recommend to anyone"

Nov 23, 2020

Mr Clayton, Cheshire

"Many thanks for your excellent service. I’m glad to report that the moss on my large tarmac drive is dying and – hopefully – a five year battle is now over. The Baticlean CR works as the instructions said it would and the application by brush wasn’t too hard.

I ordered two wire brushes thinking that I would wear at least one out on the pre-treatment cleaning; I didn’t and can report that not only is the first brush unscathed but also that I think it will last at least my lifetime.

It always good to pick a company online of which one had no knowledge and discover that you have picked a good one!"

Nov 10, 2020

Mr Gore, Cornwall

"The quality of the product purchased is excellent and the speed of delivery, packaging and general service I received from you was first class"

Oct 14, 2020

Mr Robson, Moray

"I'm impressed with the wire Brooms I bought"

Sep 30, 2020

Ms Brown, Lincolnshire

"I had a chat with someone and was advised what I needed to buy and also the quantities. It was delivered promptly, well packaged."

Sep 23, 2020

Mr Llewellyn, Cardiff

"Total success. Thanks for the telephone help and info."

Sep 19, 2020


"You guys have good products at very competitive prices, fast delivery as well"

Sep 09, 2020

Mr Morrison, Clackmannanshire

"So happy with your site, very informative, great range, good prices and service"

Aug 13, 2020

Mr Avery, Shropshire

"I was looking for a good quality sprayer and a long lance. I phoned SPCB Mosskillers and was given some really helpful advice and recommendations for my project. The items recommended I purchased and was not disappointed, the max2 amd 5 metre lance. I was sent a video on how to connect the lance and items came well protected. I have briefly tried the items and they appear excellent. Thank you SPCB Mosskillers I shall be back later for some moss killer. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."

Aug 06, 2020

Mr Dunn, South Lanarkshire

"Pleased to date with our recent purchase from your good selves. We must commend your company for its communication and prompt and helpful service. We will most certainly be returning to your company for further products in the near future."

May 04, 2020

Mr Brenton, Cornwall

"Thank you for your swift prompt service during these difficult operating times, we have applied the product and are now eager to see if it helps in curing our moss issue which as you will appreciate is of a particular problem with us being situated in the South West."

May 01, 2020

Mr Blenkinship, Cumbria

"The mixing was simple, spraying straight forward and easy to clean up afterwards. I recommend both your product and company as the price was acceptable, delivery prompt and after sales commendable."

Apr 26, 2020

Mr Crowley, Ireland

“Your website was very easy to follow and delivery to Ireland was a very prompt and efficient courier service.

The very long 5.4mtr Lances and brushes have made the spraying of moss on my roof easy and safe. The product, Baticlean CR is fantastic. I Will use you again and will certainly recommend SPCB and your products to my friends.”

Apr 19, 2020

Mr Brown, Glasgow

"The items arrived in quick time and look to be of sound quality. I would happily use your company again. After ordering I received an email from your staff with a short video giving advice on how to assemble the sprayer to the extension. I found this to be very helpful and appreciate the thought."

Apr 16, 2020

Mr Shakespeare, Cheshire

"Just a line to say how pleased I am with the sprayer and extending lance. Great quality and performance coupled with excellent service from yourselves."

Apr 11, 2020

Mr McKinnon, Leeds

"I’m very happy with the product you supplied me with and all the help you gave me over the phone."

Apr 06, 2020

Mr Wells, Lincolnshire

"Absolutely brilliant service, thanks for letting us use your products and we will sure be using you again.

Much appreciated

As the chap would say

THe dodgy guys 😂"

Mar 24, 2020

Mr Long, Somerset

"Very pleased with the result last year."

Feb 27, 2020

Mr Cooke, Hertfordshire via Facebook

"Excellent service good value for money .. Just need the rain to stop so I can use it." (sprayer lance)

Feb 14, 2020

Mr Dickinson, Norfolk

"Very pleased with my order. All the kit arrived in good condition.

Quality is excellent and your website explains all I need to know."

Feb 10, 2020

Mr Pearse, Gloucestershire

"Thank you. The service was great - efficient and polite, and prompt delivery. And the product was great too. Will use you again."

Jan 28, 2020

Bladon Parish Council

"We were very pleased with the service thank you - especially with the very rapid, detailed and helpful advice you gave on the best type of product for our needs. It was also delivered when it was meant to be, quite a rarity these days!"

Nov 20, 2019

Mr Blackwood, Knaresborough

"Thanks for your email , it's really appreciated that you follow up with purchases and gives impression that you care for your products and customers."

Nov 06, 2019

Mr Greenwood, Aberdeen

I am totally happy with the products I purchase from SPCB. Your service and quick delivery is exceptional.

Oct 07, 2019

F Shan, Oxfordshire

"Very happy with my purchase, it arrived promptly and we successfully treated a wasps nest high up above our kitchen window with the 1.5m extended rod. Very satisfied customer thank you. Really helpful to have the combined products offered saving time searching website for what we needed for this treatment."

Oct 01, 2019

Mr Simpson, York

"I have used your service before for the same products and have always found your website easy to use and your delivery time to be very quick. I therefore am prepared to recommend you to other potential customers."

Aug 12, 2019

Mr Burgoyne, Chirk

"Excellent service, product arrived on time."

May 30, 2019

Richard Thomas, Glasgow

"I have ordered products from SPCB Mosskilllers for a number of years. I first found you on the web when I was searching for a mosskiller. Excellent service and advice and the mosskiller works well here in my mossy Lenzie garden."

May 03, 2019

Alison Forrest, Livingston

"I have applied the Mosskiller product to my monoblock, before sanding and it looks fantastic. I followed the guidelines as per your website. I have tried different products from the usual retailers and have found them to be useless. I would recommend SPCB for their fast and efficient service. The product is quite expensive but it does the job."

Apr 24, 2019

Alistair Greenwood, Aberdeen

"I have always found your products to be of the highest quality and efficiently do what they are supposed to. Also, your service is excellent."

Apr 23, 2019

Mr Greenwood, Aberdeen

"I have always found your products to be of the highest quality and efficiently do what they are supposed to. Also, your service is excellent."

Apr 10, 2019

Mr Brisley, Bridgend

"It worked well... has killed the moss and is easy to use."

Mar 13, 2019

Mr Sutton, West Midlands

"Received the goods last week very promptly thank you. The Back Sprayer is top quality and much more efficient than any of the previous ones I’ve tried over the years, plus the attachments will come in useful. Well worth the money so thanks for the advice."

Feb 28, 2019

Mr Peche, Surrey

"Lee was extremely helpful with his advice. Highly recommend SPCB"

Feb 20, 2019

Mr Farragher, Co Galway

"I found the presale service to be excellent. All my questions were answered accurately and promptly. Delivery was swift and the product was exactly as advertised.Having used the lance sprayer extension I am very happy with its performance."

Nov 27, 2018

Mr Salmon, Bristol

"I am very happy with the products and service SPCB supplied. You provided a good service, at a good price and good communications, 4.8 stars! Keep up the good work!"

Oct 12, 2018

Ms Kimber, Surrey

"I am very pleased with SPCB Mosskillers - it has made a big difference to my patio."

Sep 26, 2018

Mr Ross, Kent

"We have used your Moss killing product on our tennis court which looks successful. We intend to sweep the court tomorrow as it has been 10 days since application and the court looks totally brown The treatment seems to have been a success and the advice we were given was excellent."

Aug 27, 2018

Richard Hill, Shropshire

Very satisfied with both product and service.

Aug 10, 2018

Martin, West Sussex

"SPCB provided a very personal service with knowledgeable honest advice on which equipment and treatment to purchase. All the goods arrived quickly and I would recommend them to potential customers"

Jul 24, 2018

Michael Pearce, Surrey

"Excellent efficient service."

Jun 29, 2018

John McLaren, Cumbria

"I would state that your company was exceptional in dealing with my query about what product to use on my artificial lawn. The lady I dealt with initially could not have been more helpful in answering questions and recommending the correct product to counteract my lawn problems and was very prompt in her replies. When I asked if I could collect on a Saturday you went out of your way to accommodate me. I would not hesitate in recommending your company."

Jun 12, 2018

Mr Dixon, Lancashire

"Thank you....All OK....Good Service"

Jun 08, 2018

Mr Gallivan, Cheshire

"Thank you for your service, I found the Moss Killer worked well and will soon be ordering some more within the next four weeks"

May 24, 2018

Mr Calvert, Lancashire

"Delivery of product was very prompt and product has been extremely effective and showed effect amazingly quickly."

May 10, 2018

Mr Quayle, Cheshire

"I have been impressed by your efficient service. I have not yet evaluated the moss killer, but I expect it to be a success."

May 01, 2018

Mr Smith, Essex

"Baticlean CR was fantastic to clean the roof of my Jaguar car. I lent some to the manager of our local golf club for the roof and never got it back as it was so good so need to get some more now!"

Mar 26, 2018

Mrs Ganderton, Lancashire

"Baticlean is brilliant. It worked really well on our block paving and it was a long time before we had to think about using it again. I was amazed. Before, I had to get down on my hands and knees to scrape it out but not now."

Feb 27, 2017

D. Knights, Suffolk

"Only just come across this company after a recommendation by a customer of mine I have to say the service is first class, items arrive in good time & for a reasonable price, I’ll certainly be buying all my products from them from now on, sadly they’ve missed my busy period but will certainly benefit from it next year"

Aug 19, 2021

M. Voller, Essex

"I did appreciate your volume discount, and your attention to detail in the packaging."

Aug 02, 2021

T. Every, Hertfordshire

"Thank you. Haven’t been able to make any comment about the product itself as I won’t know for many months whether it works or not. However I would like to say that I received excellent after sales service, notably from Cinzia, who went out of her way to give me assistance, prior and following purchase. Very good customer service from SPBC."

Jul 06, 2021

G. Eves, Winchester

"The baticlean cr worked really well on my block drive.

I have now had the drive cleaned and resanded."

Jun 07, 2021

Paul, via Email

"I don't often follow up on something I have bought on the internet unless there has been an issue. However, in this case, I would like to say how impressed I was with your service. Should I ever need a similar product again you will definitely have my business and I shall pass on the details of your good service to my friends and family."

Apr 28, 2021

Andrew, Southampton, via Webchat

"Thank you Hannah for your prompt attention. great. Andrew"

Apr 23, 2021

Jackie, via Email

"Great service as always coupled with great products!!

Would definitely recommend to others.

Keep up the good work SPCB."

Apr 13, 2021

Janet, via Email

"We found your service very quick and efficient."

Apr 09, 2021

Mr Newman, via Facebook

"Purchased two quality products so as to enable the moss on the roof to be sprayed from just
the edge of a ladder."

Apr 08, 2021

Jo Hilton, via Facebook

"Awesome products, awesome service and awesome advice for Captain Awesome himself Ashley"

Mar 30, 2021

Mike Moffatt, Monmouthshire

"It all went very well and the item works superbly."

Mar 25, 2021

Ms Doyle, Hertfordshire

"Nice to see a company talking on board feedback from customers."

Mar 19, 2021

Mr McCafferty, via Facebook

"First order from this company that was recommended to us by friends. Very quick service."

Mar 08, 2021

Mr Twigg, Cheshire

"Just as an update, the stains on the house we’re not heavy so I Just used an application of Baticlean. Very impressed with the result. The green stain disappeared very quickly. And the render looks pristine white again. "

Feb 27, 2021

Ms Boyce, via Facebook

"Very good service. Product is very good and works! Thank you for the prompt delivery and responding to our enquiries."

Dec 21, 2020

Mrs Duncan, Tayside

"Brilliant large brush for removing moss. It worked perfectly in conjunction with the smaller brushes and moss remover."

Dec 01, 2020

Mr Tomlinson, via Facebook

"Bought the wire brush, Batiface and Baticlean CR after reading the guide on Mosskillers website on how best to clean the annoying algae and moss from my asphalt drive. Followed the guide now in late autumn and the results look good."

Nov 13, 2020

Dr White, Lincolnshire

"I recently purchased some Baticlean from you and it has done a very good job in clearing my paved driveways."

Oct 20, 2020

Mr Ferri, Dorset

" Ordering and delivery was very prompt and efficient...I have no doubt that I will be using your services again when the need arises."

Oct 14, 2020

Mr Forrest, Lanarkshire

"Am I delighted. Not half. This is exceptionally good stuff. Only downside is I need a new pair of Jean's now. Tip of the day ware protective clothing. This stuff is the business."

Sep 30, 2020

Mr Beevor, Norfolk

"Quick efficient service. No problem using company again."

Sep 23, 2020

Mr Forrest, Lanarkshire

"Delighted with the results today after one application my pebble dash is like new again. Brilliant product."

Sep 16, 2020

Mr Sondhi, Coventry

"I would like to say thank you to Lee who gave me a lot of product information and advice on how to connect and use the product"

Aug 19, 2020

Mr Owen, Tyne and Wear

"I found your service to be most satisfactory as I contacted the online helpline and was given the information I needed to enable me to order the gear I needed. A great service and a good website, easy to navigate and order from. Thanks"

Aug 11, 2020

Mrs Corachea, Hampshire

"Excellent service from this company Leigh was so helpful advising us what to use on the moss on our roof and equipment needed , all ordered on the phone and arrived quickly. Thank you"

Aug 06, 2020

Mr Shone, Isle of Anglesey

"I have to say that your service was absolutely superb. The goods came within 2 days as stated and I was able to get the application of the moss-killer done in a morning, thanks to the good weather. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who was looking for moss-killer. It just remains for me to assess the efficacy of your product for stopping regrowth."

May 04, 2020

Mr Derbyshire, Pembrokeshire

"Just letting you know the service over the telephone initially with advice on what was the most appropriate sprayer for what I needed it for was excellent and was the delivery bearing in mind the current situation with the virus.

Also it did exactly what I wanted when I used it."

May 01, 2020

Mr Corry, West Lothian

"Just to let you know that the sprayer that I ordered at lunchtime yesterday arrived at 10.30 a.m. this morning. First Class service!! Can't thank you enough.

Keep up the good work."

Apr 22, 2020

Mr Dunn, South Lanarkshire

"Delighted to have been contacted by Sam this afternoon and achieving a successful outcome for us by placing an order for Baticlean CR. It was very much appreciated"

Apr 19, 2020

Mr Sneddon, Bathgate

"I'm very pleased with my purchase."

Apr 15, 2020

Mr Jones, Buckinghamshire

"The advice I received over the phone was very helpful and the order which followed completed almost immediately, even in these difficult times. I would recommend the company highly."

Apr 08, 2020

Mr Fox, Hampshire

"I have artificial grass areas to both my front and rear gardens and applied your moss killer to both last Wednesday. I am pleased to say that so far it seems to be working well, I will leave it to work for a few more days and then brush out what I hope will be the dead moss."

Mar 30, 2020

Mr Silvanus-Davis, Worcestershire

"Brushes are fantastic for removing moss."

Mar 10, 2020

Mr Hollis, Devon

"A very friendly and efficient service!"

Feb 26, 2020

Mr White, via Facebook

"As described and fast delivery."

Feb 13, 2020

Mr Whetstone, Kent

"There was an issue with the courier service and I should say that after just one phone call to a very efficient young lady, she organised a special delivery of the last 2 containers of moss killer which seemed to have disappeared from the courier’s system. I was pleased that she sorted it out so quickly and called me back to keep me informed.

So, no problem with your company or service but a “could do better” for APC Overnight."

Feb 05, 2020

Mr Niner, Lincolnshire via Facebook

"excellent service. friendly advice to what you need and don't need. will use again"

Jan 25, 2020

Ms Aldridge, Bladon

"More than "satisfactory"! Excellent customer service if you want a quote. We were very pleased with the service - especially with the very rapid, detailed and helpful advice you gave on the best type of product for our needs. It was also delivered when it was meant to be, quite a rarity these days!"

Nov 20, 2019

Mr Bardell, Essex

"I am delighted with Baticlean CR. Of course I'm just a householder so hardly a customer of note. Moss on tarmac is persistent problem but your product is the best I've ever used - and it's odourless which is a bonus."

Oct 31, 2019

B Illingworth, Leeds

"Your website was very easy to follow and the very prompt service was much appreciated."

Oct 04, 2019

Mr Fobbester, Lancashire via Facebook

"What an excellent company to deal with. The advice i got saved me from buying the wrong thing. The items arrived quickly and I have to say they are of superior quality. Can't wait for it to stop raining so I can try it out"

Aug 30, 2019

Mrs Beaty, Carlisle

"We were very pleased with our recent telephone order .We found the person dealing with us very helpful .The order came very quickly and was well packed."

Aug 02, 2019

Malcolm Clouston, Worcestershire

"l am very happy with your service. Very prompt and efficient courier service. For a number of years I used clinic ace. Just hope clinic up is as good."

May 28, 2019

Mr Thomas, Glasgow

"I have ordered products from SPCB Mosskilllers for a number of years. Excellent service and advice and the mosskiller works well here in my mossy Lenzie garden."

May 02, 2019

Janet Hargreaves, Chelmsford

"I was nervous about using your moss killer on artificial turf but after speaking to one of your colleagues I took the plunge and I’m so happy I did.

After 3 days I’ve been able to brush off the dead moss.

I highly recommend this product."

Apr 24, 2019

Ms Forrest, Livingston

"I have applied the Mosskiller product to my monoblock, before sanding and it looks fantastic. I followed the guidelines as per your website. I have tried different products from the usual retailers and have found them to be useless. I would recommend SPCB for their fast and efficient service."

Apr 23, 2019

Mr Aubrey, Wrexham

"No problems. Quick delivery."

Mar 24, 2019

Mr Kent, Petworth

"Helpful sales staff, yet to use product and equipment due to rain"

Mar 12, 2019

Mr Brisley, Bridgend

"Just to say thank-you for the very speedy service.. Ordered yesterday and received early this morning. Have used on my roof and assuming it works and rids roof of moss, I will recommend you to neighbours."

Feb 26, 2019

Mr Howarth, Inverurie

"Always get prompt delivery of moss killer"

Jan 31, 2019

Mr Pritchard, Suffolk

"I have held off commenting on the effectiveness of Baticlean CR until I had a chance to see how it coped over a period of time. We live in a one and a half storey house with a very large roof which is surrounded by tall trees and the roof has been a blanket of thick green moss. I had originally removed some of the moss with a scraper but this is a laborious process, I couldn’t reach all areas easily and removal didn’t deal with reoccurrence. Baticlean CR applied several months ago has now killed all of the moss including the areas I could not reach, black lichen is going and the roof is gradually becoming clean and tidy. The very long 5.4mtr and 3.2mtr Lances have made the spraying a doddle and even enjoyable. SPCB have responded to questions and dealt with orders very quickly the goods themselves arriving speedily and well packed. I would recommend anyone needing help with any of the problems that SPCB can specifically address to get in touch with them immediately, it’s taken a load off my mind and I can’t praise the company highly enough."

Nov 20, 2018

Mr Comerford, Worcestershire

"Your service and delivery have been top class. We have used the product and now are waiting to see if it was successful"

Oct 05, 2018

Mr Morris, Lincolnshire

"More than happy with my order, yet to use the 5.4mtr lance, but the 12Ltr sprayer is working fine"

Sep 25, 2018

Mr Ross, Kent

"We have used your Moss killing product on our tennis court which looks successful. We intend to sweep the court tomorrow as it has been 10 days since application and the court looks totally brown The treatment seems to have been a success and the advice we were given was excellent"

Aug 27, 2018

Alan Arnold, Cambridgeshire

I found your service to be 1st class. Fast delivery and I would certainly recommend your products and service to anyone.

Aug 01, 2018

Mr Arnold, Cambridgeshire

"I found your service to be 1st class. Fast delivery and I would certainly recommend your products and service to anyone."

Jul 22, 2018

Mr Lympany, West Sussex

"Excellent. Ordering and delivery were smooth enough. Unfortunately some parts were missing, but after my email to SPCB, the missing pieces arrived a couple of days later - no quibble or questions"

Jun 16, 2018

John Ledgard, Gloucestershire

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company, the product, Baticlean (Batimoss) is fantastic. I will certainly recommend SPCB and your products to my friends."

Jun 11, 2018

David Bloomfield via Facebook

"Very helpful and quick delivery. Follow up chat on line was of great benefit" (5 stars)

May 26, 2018

Ms Showan via Facebook

Has made a real difference to cleaning the moss from our drive some of which was heavily covered and the result of long term infestation. Almost looks pristine now.

May 16, 2018

Mrs Musselwhite, Gloucestershire

"Yes, very happy with the latest order fulfilment, thank you"

May 10, 2018

Mr Cosma, Germany

"I wish to make a review for SPCB service. I will keep it short and concise. Pros: Very good communication. Reply was swift and informative. Support regarding delivery. Really helped me by calling the depot and managed to give me a contact. Also wanted to make sure the delivery arrived safely by keeping constant touch with me. Cons: I don't have any complaints."

Apr 12, 2018

Ms Toerien, Rutland

"Wow! What an amazingly rapid and detailed response. I wasn't expecting to hear from you until Monday. Thank you for your advice. I will put my order in later today."

Jul 22, 2017

Mrs Lennon, West Midlands

"Our front garden is on a slope and is difficult to mow so we have artificial turf which can get a lot of moss that is difficult to get out. I was very pleased with Baticlean CR when I used it 2 years ago as the moss came out really easily by hand or a bit of raking. The important issues for me were that the product did not stain like other products and also did not need rinsing. It only took a litre of Baticlean CR and it solved my problem so that I can maintain the turf at little cost."

Feb 21, 2016

M. Jeffrey, Lanarkshire

"Thank you again, an excellent level of customer service."

Aug 17, 2021

N. Shepherdson, Suffolk

"I would like to place on record the excellent service I have received from SPCB.

They have been extremely helpful in giving help and advice.

Everything I ordered was delivered as promised and on time, and the equipment and chemicals all seem to be working well.

It’s a pleasure to experience a Company working well. Keep up the good work

One very satisfied customer"

Jul 23, 2021

S. Kimmings, Yorkshire

"Perfect thank you. Good quality item."

Jun 17, 2021

S. Knight, Coventry

"Awesome service....Awesome products!!"

Jun 02, 2021

Robert, via Email

"I am very pleased with the effectiveness of my recent purchase of moss killer and it’s quick and effective application.The customer service was very friendly,helpful and efficient."

Apr 26, 2021

Mr Allen, Herefordshire

"Your initial response to my order was first class but when I needed help in getting a replacement part, your service was world class"

Apr 16, 2021

Maddy via Facebook

"Very good service and items ordered are perfect. Many thanks"

Apr 12, 2021

Mr Allen, via Email

"The connector has arrived and the brush is in use.

Fantastic service; very many thanks."

Apr 09, 2021

Jason Wick, via Facebook

"Great purchase recently of weed killer. Delivered quickly and at a good price."

Mar 30, 2021

Bilal Khankara, via Facebook

"First time buyer at Moss killers. Gentleman on the phone was a pleasure to deal with. Paid for a quicker delivery, but due to the busy times it was expected to arrive on a Monday, however, it was bumped up for a Saturday delivery free of charge. I was hugely impressed with the customer service."

Mar 30, 2021

Brian Laing, Yorkshire

"Thank you for your email yes we have received the order and happy with the service arrived on time"

Mar 25, 2021

Mr Eagle, Sussex

"We have a large estate and have tried many products over the years. Yours wins by miles."

Mar 19, 2021

Mr Donald, Dumfries and Galloway

"Thank you for excellent advice and prompt service. Your business appears most impressive."

Mar 02, 2021

Mr Rich, Doncaster

"Great service, very good products all arrived on time."

Feb 04, 2021

Mr Edwards, Berkshire

"I was more than satisfied with the service and delivery arrangements and would have no hesitation dealing with your company again."

Dec 03, 2020

Mr Clayton, Cheshire

"I picked SPCB from an online search for a way to kill the moss on a large tarmac area. They delivered quickly and what was provided - Baticlean CR - worked very effectively. In addition the wire brush I purchased to pre-clean the area proved to be virtually indestructible. Hard to fault."

Nov 23, 2020

Mr Bate, Hertfordshire

"Order was carried out quickly and efficiently. Arrived on day you told me. More orders for miss treatment will follow in future. Thank you."

Nov 12, 2020

Mr Sawtell, via Facebook

"Very helpful when asked about the product, delivered on time and the best weed killer I have ever used"

Oct 16, 2020

Mr Lait, via Facebook

"Very good service and prompt delivery."

Oct 14, 2020

Mr Cook

"Sam was quick and clear and knew the product requirements"

Sep 30, 2020

Mr Davison. Cumbria

"Excellent, personal, and helpful service. I found Lee extremely helpful and was very impressed with the time and effort he took with my problem"

Sep 19, 2020

Mr Watson, Ross-shire

"Excellent service and especially appreciated the additional contact from Lee Ford re the short video about how to connect the extending lance to the sprayer – nice to know that there are still firms out there prepared to go the extra mile"

Sep 09, 2020

Mr Walsh, via Facebook

"Good service and delivered on time, easy to apply"

Aug 13, 2020

Mr Montinaro, Staffordshire

"Service was excellent, very quick informative and efficient"

Aug 11, 2020

Mr McKeown, Ireland

"Excellent service and items arrived ahead of my expectations. Would not hesitate to recommend the company to a friend"

Aug 06, 2020

Mr O'Kill, Dorset

"Many thanks for your very, very prompt service and the video link on how to use is excellent, I just received the spray gun.

I will recommend your firm when the need arises."

May 01, 2020

Ms Mattock, Derbyshire

"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. I will keep a record of your company for future orders."

Apr 29, 2020

Mr Corry, West Lothian

"I'm delighted with the cleaner, which has not only cleared the blackspot/lichen which had appeared on our paving, but has brought the surface of the paving back to its original appearance. Couldn't have asked for better! I've started on the full area now and am having excellent results.

The advice you gave me on the phone was excellent, and the delivery was very quick, so am very satisfied with the service."

Apr 20, 2020

Ms Madden, Liverpool

"Very happy with your company. Goods arrived on time and everything seems very good quality. Husband very pleased. He has sprayed moss on artificial grass so we're hoping to keep on top of it now with regular annual spray.

Thank you very much."

Apr 17, 2020

Mr Kershaw, Lancashire

"I can say that the pump and spray Lances' you supplied were very good quality and performed well. Your delivery service was excellent- very prompt and your customer support is also very good. Thank you for your service and if the product turns out to be everything it says on the tin then I will be re-ordering it in the future."

Apr 15, 2020

Mr De'ath, Suffolk

"Delighted with your service as always, All received ok as usual, thank you."

Apr 08, 2020

Mr Callan, Co Louth

"Great service, prompt delivery".

Mar 25, 2020

Mrs Taylor, Cornwall

"Pleasure doing business with you .Would definitely recommend your company. Excellent service."

Mar 03, 2020

Mr Walker, Leicestershire

"Very pleased with service received and speed of delivery".

Feb 21, 2020

Mr Dickinson, Norfolk

" Very pleased with my order. All the kit arrived in good condition. Thought you were expensive at first but quality is excellent and your website explains all I need to know."

Feb 10, 2020

Mr Pearse, Gloucester

"Thank you. The service was great - efficient and polite, and prompt delivery. And the product was great too. Will use you again"

Feb 03, 2020

Mr Mann, Cowborough

"Helpful chat with you before ordering and the moss killer arrived very quickly. It certainly appears to have killed off the moss between brick paviours on my drive. Thank you."

Nov 26, 2019

Mr Justice, Fordingbridge

"Your service was very satisfactory. Thank you."

Nov 08, 2019

Mr Bardell, Braintree

"I am delighted with Baticlean CR. Of course I'm just a householder so hardly a customer of note. Moss on tarmac is persistent problem but your product is the best I've ever used - and it's odourless which is a bonus."

Oct 30, 2019

Mr Illingworth, Leeds

"Your website was very easy to follow and the very prompt service was much appreciated."

Oct 02, 2019

KMR, Cambridgeshire

"Firstly I want to thank SPCB very much for helping me choose my sprayer. The team were knowledgeable and friendly, giving me guidance on the product that would suit my requirements. The result - 10 Litre Profi Sprayer which is without doubt a superior product. Fittings and connectors are robust and very well made, plus simple instructions to assemble. This sprayer is going to last me a lifetime. I was able to spray my roof, which I have never done before, with ease. Use the right kit, get the job done quickly and effectively. Oh and I’m a girl :^))"

Aug 21, 2019

Mr Hollins via Facebook

"Extremely easy to find all the information you need, I recommend using a sprayer, as watering cans put too much on. Killed all the moss so I can now paint my tarmac drive. Highly recommend really fast delivery and reasonably priced. Does exactly what it says it does. Extremely impressed and will use again on other areas. Best product I’ve ever bought. 5 stars all round."

Jul 24, 2019

Rob Haymer, Glamorgan

"5 ***** Excellent quality products at good prices. Also nice to deal with a company that you can phone and speak with someone that is knowledgeable of the products they sell. Great advise and after sales care."

May 22, 2019

Maxine Hall, London (via Facebook)

"Used the moss killer on my artificial grass and it seems to have worked so far! Happy with product and easy to navigate website."

May 01, 2019

Rastrick Tennis Club, Brighouse

"We are more than happy with our purchase and quick delivery and shall certainly consider using you again in the future."

Apr 24, 2019

Ms Gunaratna, Stanmore

"I was more than just satisfied with the quality of my order and its execution. Many thanks once again."

Apr 10, 2019

Mr Burt, Swindon

"As I'm sure you are aware, I bought the equipment you recommended to me during our telephone conversation. It was delivered promptly; I am very impressed with it and it is just what I was looking for. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable advice and your honest appraisal of the equipment I bought. It's nice to deal with a professional who clearly knows their business inside out.

I've had a look through the leaflet you included in my delivery and it has got me thinking about ways I could diversify my business at a later date."

Mar 13, 2019

Mrs Moorfield, Blairgowrie

"I was delighted with the service concerning my recent order. Well packaged and promptly delivered"

Mar 11, 2019

Mrs Braithwaite, Reading

"I am very pleased with the moss killer you sold me. It is working well, and the metal brush is also very effective. I will be telling my friends who also own tennis courts."

Feb 26, 2019

Mr Shand, Cleveland

"I would have to say that the help, advice and service I received from yourselves was absolutely first class. The results of the first spray also appear to be first class."

Dec 06, 2018

Dave Green via Facebook

"Great products and service, we will definitely be using you again, Thanks Bird and Pest Solutions"

Nov 02, 2018

Ms Kimber, Surrey

"I am very pleased with SPCB Mosskillers - it has made a big difference to my patio."

Sep 26, 2018

Mr Evans, Fife

"I am happy to endorse and recommend Batiface rapid acting moss, lichen and algae killer. It is effective, economical and easy to use. Similarly I endorse Hydrosil BS as a complement to Batiface. Used after Batiface it ensures a longer lasting clean surface that sheds the rain and water."

Sep 20, 2018

Mr Giles via Facebook

"Customer service and products are first rate as well as after sales service and help." (5 stars)

Aug 15, 2018

Ms Poskitt via Facebook

"I dealt with two different members of staff, and both were excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful and after assessing my moss issues, guided me to the most suitable products, I now think I can tackle the moss issue with confidence. Thanks guys, you are the best." (5 stars)

Aug 01, 2018

Mr Webster, Lincolnshire

"Excellent service and product"

Jul 04, 2018

Stuart Neil, Devon

"Thanks. Very pleased with the promptness and delivery service."

Jun 13, 2018

Sue Simpson via Facebook

"Fantastic stuff painted our green mossy fence with their moss killer next day it was gone good quality does exactly what it says it does" (5 stars)

Jun 09, 2018

Mrs Woodward, Oxfordshire

"Brilliant product, used it for the last few years on the garage roof - excellent and so easy to use"

May 25, 2018

Anonymous - Website Experience

Excellent, Ashley was brilliant with her online help and I had the feeling she knew what she was talking about. I look forward to a moss free roof!

May 16, 2018

Mr Beaumont, West Yorkshire

"This is the second time that I have bought the chemical for removing” black spot” and whilst it is quite expensive it does clear black spot from stone surfaces if used correctly. Last year I treated a heavily contaminated area of stone block paving and the black spot has not returned to date, additionally, the stone setts remain bright and contamination free.I recommend using a jet wash, jet the affected area some 30 minutes after brushing the chemical on but always prior to product drying. As far as the service is concerned, my order was easily placed on line and delivered as advised and on time by a professional courier. Thank you!"

May 09, 2018

Mr Rayment via Facebook

My Indian Sandstone was badly suffering from blackspot and algae infestation until I discovered SPCB Mosskillers and their great range of products ... Following their help and advice I applied Batifort and the blackspot simply vanished before my eyes returning my paving to its original glory !! Subsequent application of Baticlean CR annually and put an end to the blackspot and the return of the algae ... I cant recommend their products enough ..

Apr 04, 2018

Ms Simpson, Cambridgeshire

"Would just like to say many thanks for the speedy way my order was dispatched. I received it today. The only disappointment is that Dan fibbed - he didn't get on the train to come and clear all the moss from the paths. Would like to add that he was brilliant, makes a nice change to have a pleasant and happy person to speak to. Thanks again."

Jul 17, 2017

Mr Dann, West Midlands

"I am glad that I found you again as I haven't had to use Batimoss/Baticlean for over 2 years. I used it on the fence and it worked exactly as in the picture on your website as well as on a metal gate and it leaves a beautiful finish. At first you think it is not doing anything and then suddenly all of the greening is gone and it lasts. I am going to use it on my tarmac drive now."

Jan 24, 2016