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Whilst you can see our entire range of sprayers by selecting our 'sprayers' category, many customers have said that they would like to see our range broken down into groups to make selection easier. In this group you can find the sprayers that we would class as being most likely to be used around the home & garden.

However, don't think that these sprayers are restricted to being used around your home. Many are fitted with seals that will handle a range of corrosive chemicals, are strong enough for the harshest of handling and can be used for a range of tasks.

We would recommend seeing our full range of sprayers which you can find by following the highlighted link or by clicking on Spraying Equipment at the top of this page. Whilst we have an extensive range, you can easily narrow your search by using the filters (on the left side of the page) to show the sprayers that most suit your requirements.

If you require any help with finding the right sprayer then please contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

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Tank Capacity

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£0·00 to £142·00
Max 2 Compression Sprayer - 5 litre

2.5-metre recoil hose and FPM seals combine to give excellent reach with ease of use and good chemical resistance.

Profi Compression Sprayer - 10 litre

2.5-metre recoil hose coupled with robust construction plus the option of an additional 5-metre hose.

Flori Compression Sprayer - 3 litre

The Flori Compact compression sprayer has 3 BAR working pressure and NBR seals.

Herbi Compression Sprayer - 5 litre

5 litre capacity compression sprayer with NBR seals for the application of weed killers.

Misting Sprayer

Sprayer for the misting of indoor plants, shrubs and terrace plants. High quality sprayer with 1.5-litre fill capacity.

Bugsi 360 Compression Sprayer

Robust hand sprayer with 1.5 litre fill capacity and designed to allow 360 degree spraying.

Veris Compression Sprayer - 5 litre

3 BAR maximum spraying pressure and a 90cm telescopic spray lance fitted as standard.

Cleaner Fix Plus 5-litre

Entry level sprayer within our CLEANER range for mild acidic and neutral products.

Hand Sprayer Universal+ 360 - 1 litre

Compression sprayer with a 360 degree spray arc that can be used with mild acid and neutral products.

IK Constru Plus - 5 litre

Compression sprayer for use with mild acid, oil, fuels and many other chemicals. Ideal for the construction industry and the application of related products in the home.

IK Metal Compression Sprayer - 6 litre

6 bar maximum working pressure.

IK Multi 12 - Compression Sprayer

Heavy duty garden sprayer with an 8 litre working tank capacity.

IK Multi Knapsack Sprayer - 12 litre

IK Multi Chemical Resistant Backpack Sprayer has a 12 litre tank capacity. For use with acidic, neutral or mild alkaline chemicals.

Kale 12 Compression Sprayer

Pressure regulator, 3 BAR maximum working pressure and an 8 litre working tank capacity.

Kale 9 Compression Sprayer

3 BAR maximum pressure, 6 litre working capacity and a pressure regulator.

Kale 6 Compression Sprayer

3 BAR pressure, 4 litre working capacity and unique pressure regulator.

Mendy 7 Compression Sprayer

5 litre compression sprayer ideal for home & garden use

MAJA 1L 360 hand sprayer

Hand sprayer with 1 litre capacity and 360 degree spraying arc.

Mesto RS Backpack Sprayer - 18 litre

RS185 knapsack Sprayer with FPM seals giving resistance for some acid and neutral chemicals.

RS125 Backpack Sprayer - 12 litre

Knapsack sprayer with 6 BAR maximum pressure & FPM seals for the spraying of mild acidic and neutral chemical solutions.

Pressure Spray Powder Duster 3 or 7 litre

A sprayer for powder or dust for a steady flow without risk of blockages. 3 or 7 litre capacity.

Star 16 Agro Knapsack Sprayer

Ideal for both professional and amateur users - the unique pressure regulator reduces work and wastage.

Electric Sprayer - Easy+

Battery powered sprayer with 5 litre capacity, ideal for many uses around the home & garden.