protect your box tree bushes from the box tree moth

Box Tree Moth Trap - Protect your trees!

We are happy to now provide Box Tree Moth Traps!

Box Tree moths are a new insect to Britain, with the first being reported in 2007. Their larvae feed on the leaves and shoots of Buxus species.

This species of Moth has become widespread in London and surrounding areas and has been ranked the top garden pest in all of Great Britain.

There are two or three generations per year with adults on the wing from April/May to September.

Gardeners will mainly come across the insects as caterpillars and eggs on box plants.

The eggs are pale yellow and flat, 1 mm in diameter, located under green unattacked leaves. Caterpillars are green-yellow with black heads and develop dark stripes as they mature.

Old larvae are the most damaging: they completely eat the leaves, causing irreparable damage to your box trees!

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