Purchasing Options

Many of our most popular products can be purchased through the website.

Our range is vast and some are not available online, such as some sprayer spares or bespoke chemical solutions. Our laboratory and technical teams are constantly working on particular individual customer issues and so we encourage you to contact us if you need our support via email info@spcb.co.uk or by calling us on 01673 895130.

Payment can be made online or over the phone by card or Paypal. Some customers prefer to issue a Purchase Order and the first order is usually proforma until an account has been set up. Applications for an account can be made by contacting us. Please let us know if you will require access to creating orders online as well as by phone or email. Future orders will then be subject to our terms and conditions of sale.

We also accept account applications from distributors, contractors or from customers with a requirement for bulk quantities, for which a discount may be possible. Contact us with your details and requirements for a bespoke quote.