Collection: Weedkillers and Fertilisers

Our extensive range of weed killing and fertilising products will suit all environments: including grassland, amenity areas, sports fields, driveways, car-parks, patios, & paths.

Choose between our wide range of grass fertilisers, including moss killing, lawn stabilisers, and our range of weed killing products to suit all environments. We offer specialist selective weed killers for lawns as well as expert products that kill particular plants to suit your needs exactly. We have both liquid and granular weed killing products so you can really match the product to the job.

All of our products are glyphosate free to ensure a healthy, environmentally friendly method of garden control. If you would like to read more about our choice to be a glyphosate-free site, read our Glyphosate Free Weedkiller blog post.

All prices shown are excluding VAT