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Landscaper Pro

Landscaper Pro

Landscaper Pro Triple Action, granular formulation, helps you to build a luscious, green lawn with the grass having stronger than normal roots which allow for better absorption of both water & nutrients from the soil to protect your lawn against excessive heat, drought and other stresses.


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Product Description

Landscaper Pro Triple Action, granular formulation, that helps you to build a thick, green lawn. It will help your grass to grow stronger roots which improves the absorption rate of both water & nutrients which helps to protect your lawn against the worst effects of excessive heat, prolonged dry periods and other stresses such as high foot traffic.

Landscaper Pro also contains a selective herbicide to control common broad-leaved weeds and iron for the control of moss.

Key points:

  • Ideal for use during the entire growing period when broad leaved weeds & moss are present and need to be controlled in one application.
  • Contains selective herbicide for routine and heavy weed control.
  • Quick breakdown of granule for fast response.
  • High quality ingredients within each granule.
  • 426m2 coverage per 15kg bag.

Product Specification

Analysis - 14-0-5+Fe+MCPA-Mecoprop-P

Formulation - Granular

Application Rate - 35 g/m2

Pack Coverage - 426 m2

Product Longevity - Weed control 3-5 weeks

Turf Response - 7 days

Application Method - Hand or mechanical spreader


How is it best to apply Landscaper PRO?

As Landscaper Pro is a granular formulation it needs to be spread, so how it is applied depends upon your preference and the size of area you are treating. If it is a fairly small area or you are breaking a larger area into small areas then it is quite easy to apply by hand. This can mean either scattering by hand (remember to wear gloves and wash your hands after usage) or from a container. If you are applying to a larger area then it may be better to use a spreader.

When should I apply Landscaper PRO?

We have always found it easier to spread when rain is due. This means that nature can 'water in' the granules as opposed to having to water the area yourself. If you can't wait until rain is due then apply water to the treated area after application. Other than this, Landscaper Pro can be applied at any time when weeds are growing. Generally this is between the months of April - September.

Are the granules safe for use around pets?

Pets can eat things that are not intended as food so we recommend that pets are kept off the treated surface until completely dissipated. A good way to do this is to section an area at a time and treat this rather than treating the whole area at one time.

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