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Brushwood Tough Weedkiller

Brushwood Tough Weedkiller

Glyphosate free weed killer that kills the roots therefore prevents regrowth and does not kill grass.


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Product Description

SBK Brushwood killer is a tough weed killer specifically for nettles, docks, brambles and broad leaf weeds. Can also be used for controlling tree stumps, woody weeds and hardwood saplings in grassland and non-crop areas. No need to exclude children or pets from the treated area once the product has dried.

Contains triclopyr. Wash hands after use.

Product Specification

Nettles Brambles & Tough Weeds

Watering Can - apply with a fine rose and dilute 30ml into 6 litres of water per which gives a coverage of 10m2.

Sprayer - mix 30ml with 1.5 litres of water and apply evenly over 10m2.

Adjust sprayer nozzle to a coarse setting and a spray that is too fine will allow the product to drift on to neighbouring plants.

Woody Weeds & Hardwood Saplings

Mix 30ml with 1.5 litres of water into your sprayer and apply evenly over leaves, branches and stems.

Tree Stumps

Brush Application

Mix equal volumes of SBK and water.

By Sprayer

Add 200ml of SBK to 300ml of water.

Paint or spray all surfaces of cut stumps and bark down to soil level.


Is this safe to use in a family garden?

There us no need to keep your children or pets away from the treated area once the spray has dried. However, this is a solution that is designed to kill things so it is very important that you follow all instructions for usage, disposal and mixing.

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