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Seaweed & Iron

Seaweed & Iron

A excellent choice for acid loving plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camelias. Prevents yellowing of leaves in lime intolerant plants such as heathers and citrus plants


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Product Description

Helps lime hating plants develop healthy leaves and intense flowers while correcting iron deficiency.

Product Specification

How to use

Apply 2-3 times a year to lawns to green up and toughen the turf without encouraging excessive growth
Measure 1 capful of Seaweed with Sequestered Iron to 4 litres of water for the general garden
Apply as a drench using a watering can or as a foliar treatment using a fine sprayer thoroughly wetting the leaves,.
For Azaleas or Ericaceous and acid loving plants apply once a fortnight in the growing season
Fruit, perennials, bedding plants shrubs and vegetables. Apply once a month. Do not spray on open blooms or after fruit set to avoid staining.
For lawns apply 1 capful to 3 litres of water evenly over 7.5sqm (9sq yards) two or three times a year
Shake well and store away from direct sunlight between 0-30°C

Wash hands after use and do not allow to enter drains or sewers.
Do not apply in windy weather and where possible avoid drift onto crops and non-target plants.
It will kill weeds present at time of application but will not prevent weeds from germinating.
Following treatment do not mow the affected area for three days to allow full uptake by the weeds.
Always use plant protection products safely and carefully read the label.
Use immediately and wash all equipment thoroughly after use.


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