the horse chestnut leafminer moth can cause serious damage to your tree and its leaves

Horse Chestnut Leafminer Moth Trap - Protect your chestnut trees!

We are happy to now provide Horse Chestnut Leafminer Moth traps!

A targeted pheromone lure which attracts the male horse chestnut leafminers and causes them to be trapped. This is to reduce mating and egg laying in the population. Saving your trees as a result.

Leafminer moths were first found in Britain in the early 2000's and are spreading at a rapid pace. They can lay up to 300 eggs which damage the leaves of the horse chestnut tree, causing them to become white and dry out and eventually die and drop off. As new growth comes they are once again infected. This cycle can repeat itself several times in one season.

The larva feeds in a mine in the leaves of the tree, damaging the leaves and stunting growth.

Comes with 3 lures with refills available should you need more.

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