Moss on artificial grass and moss on artificial sports turf.

Moss and Algae on Artificial grass

Artificial grass is a cost effective, smart and low maintenance alternative for your lawn. However, it still requires looking after and may need treatment.

As the shorter days close in and the weather gets colder and damper, your artificial lawn may start to suffer from moss or algae. Artificial grass is designed to reduce moss growth but moisture can regularly be trapped and drainage reduced, forming the ideal conditions for moss growth.

This is not only inconvenient and unappealing to the eye, it is also a safety hazard. Moss and algae get very slippery, especially when wet, and can be dangerous on your lawn. To stop this It is important to regularly brush or gently rake out any debris. To keep the surface clear you can apply our pH neutral surface cleaner Baticlean CR. This will not damage your lawn, whilst keeping the process simple as no rinsing is required.

When applying any chemical products to surfaces you should treat a small test patch first to ensure complete compatibility before treating a larger area.

"I have artificial grass areas to both my front and rear gardens and applied your Baticlean CR to both last Wednesday. I am pleased to say that so far it seems to be working well, I will leave it to work for a few more days and then brush. It is possible I may need to apply a further run over some of the back garden as this is Putting Green turf which has much tighter pile, but so far it is looking good." Mr Fox, Hampshire

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