plum tree with fruit that can be targeted by the plum moth

Plum Fruit Moth Trap - Protect your plums, damsons and greengages!

We are happy to now provide Plum Fruit Moth Traps!

This pheromone trap gives off a scented lure that attracts male plum fruit moths and traps them without the use of chemicals.

The cause of damage to your fruit trees stems from the female moth laying eggs which, once hatched, burrow into the fruit. These larvae or caterpillars eat the plums from within, ruining your fruit.

Our lure attracts male plum fruit moths, meaning eggs laid by females are reduced. Only one lure is required each season and one plum fruit moth trap will cover up to 16 trees.

Plum moth usually has one generation a year with adult moths emerging from late May onwards, but mostly in mid-June to mid-July.

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