Moss & Algae Solutions FAQs

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I want to clean my roof, which surface cleaner should I use?

Which surface cleaner, from our extensive range, you decide to use for cleaning your roof depends upon a number of things; the type of surface, the type of staining/dirt and what finish you are looking to accomplish. All of our cleaning products will clean your roof. This may sound obvious but you can be assured that, if you buy our products, then you are getting a product that will do exactly what it claims to do.

The most popular product for cleaning a roof is BATICLEAN CR. It is pH neutral, therefore can be used on all types of roof covering, and does not require rinsing. This means that it is easy and quick to use and will helpto keep your roof clean for longer.

If your roof has a lot of staining especially staining that sits very close to the surface and is normally circular in shape then the Baticlean CR will help to clean it however, if you want the staining removed then some manual intervention will be required. Either brush or wash the area, to remove the staining, then apply Baticlean CR or you can use BATIFAST then wash the area. Batiface is not pH neutral and will heavy or stubborn staining on contact but it should be rinsed from the surface.

If you would like further information then please let us know and we will be only too happy to answer your questions. We have a number of information sheets within our GUIDES section that can help with cleaning different types of surface including roofs, walls and patios.

When is the best time of the year to apply a surface cleaner to my roof?

The most effective time to use a surface cleaning product is when the surfaces are dry and during dry, mild weather. Early spring and the Autumn months are the most suitable time if using a cleaning treatment such as Baticlean CR as it shouldn't be used when the temperature is lower than 6 degrees C and should be used on dry surfaces.

If you are using one of our cleaners for stubborn or heavy staining, such as Batifast or Batimust, then the time of year is less important as the product is not so reliant on dry or mild weather.

Can your surface cleaners be applied to a surface before I paint it?

If you wish to clean surfaces such as walls before applying a new coat of paint, then you can apply Baticlean CR which is a pH neutral cleaning solution that does not require rinsing. Before the application of Baticlean CR we recommend brushing to remove any loose material as possible. To help with this we have a range of specialist brushes which include telescopic handles, wire brooms and a number of different heads.

Dilute Baticlean CR in water as per the usage instructions, spray on the surface and leave to clean without rinsing. It will take a few days and then you can, optionally, clean down the surface with a brush and/or rinse. You can then apply another treatment of Baticlean CR if you wish to leave protection under the paint.

I have moss on my flat roof. How is it best to treat and remove?

An older flat roof can be susceptible to moss growth as rainwater can pool on the surface. Stone chippings also provide moss with shade and can retain moisture; the perfect conditions for moss to grow, especially if in the shade. It is important to remove this moss as it may cause damage to the coating as it spreads and the surface expands and contracts with changes in the weather, causing small imperfections and allowing water ingress. Clumps of moss can break free and roll into gutters and cause blockages.

Given the construction of a flat roof, especially if old, it may not be safe to walk on the surface and so you should either seek the advice of a roofing contractor or use one of our telescopic brooms and extendable sprayer lances to tackle the job from the floor or edge of the roof.

Brush any loose stone chippings to one side and remove any loose moss, leaves or twigs so that you can treat the surface. Once treated you can return the chippings to an even coverage over the surface.

Can I apply Baticlean CR with a watering can?

Baticlean CR can be applied using a watering can however you will not get the high coverage that you would with a sprayer. Coverage with a sprayer will be around 30m2per litre but a watering can will give you far less coverage than this, even with a fine rose sprinkler. So, if you have only a small area to be treated (and you don't already have a sprayer), then it is probably be easier to just use a watering can however, invest in a sprayer if you have a larger area (maybe over 100m2) or if you would plan to use it in the future.

Can I spray Baticlean CR and other products near plants?

When applying Baticlean CR, to ensure an even coverage it is always best to use a sprayer. When using a sprayer, to protect plants from any spray drift, it is best to hold a piece of cardboard over your plants or invest in a spray hood which will reduce 'drift' helping you to direct your spray to where you want it. You should always try to undertake any form of spraying when there is little or no wind. Always try to protect plants from overspray.

Is it safe to use Baticlean CR and Batiface around pets?

Any chemical, even those generally found under your kitchen sink, may be harmful to animals if not used in the correct way.

When applying our surface cleaning products to a hard surfaces you must follow the usage instructions and if you have any queries then contact us and we will try to help you. Contact cleaners, such as Batimust and Batifast are designed to be rinsed after use so, make sure that the area is well rinsed and dry before letting animals, such as cats and dogs, onto the surface. Products such as Baticlean CR take longer to act and is left on the surface without rinsing so do not allow your pet access until the product and area is completely dry. Preferably, keep dogs and cats away from the treated surface for 24 - 48 hours.

I would like to use Baticlean CR to clean my tennis court but how much would I need?

Baticlean CR has a maximum coverage rate of 30m2 per litre. The size of a tennis court can vary as some will have larger areas outside of the playing area than others. The playing area is fairly standard at around 300m2 which means that, if you were to treat & clean the whole of this area, you would require around 10-litres of Baticlean CR. Many courts can then have the same surface area outside of the court meaning that, in total, you would need around 20-litres to treat the whole of the playing area and surrounding area.

However, you need to know if you have to treat the whole area or just certain parts. To help with this then visit our advice pages.

What is the difference between Batifast and Batimust?

The difference between Batifast and Batimust is that Batifort is stronger out of the two as it kills black spots and is also more suited for pouros surfaces such as sandstone. Once applied using a sprayer, both Batifast and Batimust needs to be left on the surface for around 30 minutes then cleaned off using a pressure washer or a hose pipe and a brush.

Batifast should be diluted 50:50 which will cover 12 metre squared, for heavy soiled areas it can be used undiluted which will cover 6 metre square.

Batimust can be diluted 50:50 which will cover 10 metre square per litre or for heavy soiled areas it can be used undiluted which will cover 5 metre square per litre.