Remove Moss from Fencing & Clean Exterior Wooden Furniture

Surface Cleaner - Remove Moss & Clean Timber Fences and Gates

Timber fencing, whether timber panels or close boarded fencing with age will start to show dirt and staining, especially during the winter months. No matter how well looked after the fencing is or how old it is the stains will still appear however treatment is simple and easy to do:

Existing Fencing - Only apply the cleaning product during dry weather which will allow the products to settle and remain on the surface. The surface that you are planning to clean should also be dry before you start. Brush the surface to remove any dust, loose dirt and staining. Once this has been completed, spray the area with pH Neutral Surface Cleaner - Baticlean CR. This will clean the surface and, most importantly, help to keep the surface clean and free from stains. Leave the Baticlean CR to act and after a few days brush the surface again to remove any further loose dirt or stains. This process can be repeated annually or when the first signs of staining appear. Once the surface is clean and dry you can paint or stain directly over the Baticlean CR.

New fencing - Once the fencing has been fitted and is dry, simply spray the area with Baticlean CR. This should be done BEFORE you paint/stain the fencing to in order to make certain that the surface is clean prior to any coating being applied, ensuring the longer lifespan of both the wood and the surface covering.