Removing Moss & Cleaning Buildings, Walls & Structures

How to clean moss, algae and lichen from concrete walls and facades.

These areas are very easy to treat with just a few basic steps. Firstly the area should be dry and the cleaning process should be undertaken on a dry day.

PREPARATION - Removal of moss, staining & debris.

The area should be brushed to remove any loose growth and dirt.

TREATMENT - Selection and application of cleaning chemicals.

There are two options for the actual cleaning of the surfaces:

Option 1

Spray the area with HIGH POWER SURFACE CLEANER - Batifort which should be left on the surface for between 15-20 minutes. After which the area should be washed with either a hosepipe and brush or, ideally, a SMALL pressure washer. The pressure washer not only rinses the product but also removes any staining from the surface. Once dry we recommend following 'option 2' to protect the surface.

Option 2

If the wall has light dirt or staining then apply a coat of pH Neutral Surface Cleaner - Baticlean CR. Baticlean CR will clean the surface and is designed to be left upon the surface, so not rinsed, where it can help to keep the surface clear of debris and staining. Please remember that Baticlean CR should only be sprayed on to a dry surface during dry weather.


Once the wall is clean and dry you have an immediate option for keeping it looking good and to prevent the return of staining and even protect the wall from water ingress. Apply a coat of ROOF & WALL SEALER - Hydrosil BS, this is water based and soaks into the surface but still allows it to breath.

Can also apply a new coat of Baticlean CR every 12-18 months and this will help to keep the surface free from staining and debris.