Removing moss from a mono block driveway

A mono block driveway is a surface that should last you for many years. If laid properly, on both hardcore and around 50mm of sharp sand, the interlocking blocks will spread the heavy weight of vehicles evenly, so a smooth and level surface should be maintained. A well-designed driveway can also help a property to look good, but a mono block surface does need to be looked after. Cleaning mono block driveways and paths has always been a time-consuming process but, whilst mono block surfaces certainly look very nice and are extremely functional, it can be a breeding ground for moss, lichen & weeds especially between the blocks themselves. However, there are many ways to successfully clean mono block depending upon the tools at your disposal and how much work you wish to do.


Before you do any chemical treatments on your mono block, we recommend you try to remove as much growth and loose dirt as possible. Sweeping is the easiest way to do this. This initial clean will allow the moss killing products to work more effectively and quickly and will, ultimately, save you both time and money. For help with this initial cleaning, why not look at our range of specialist brushes. The Wire Broom & Handle is ideal for some heavy duty brushing and is big enough to ensure that the job will not take all day. It is also very strong so will remove any dirt or growth from the blocks themselves.

If the area has weeds, these should be treated with a quality weed killing product. The area should ideally be treated BEFORE you undertake any washing or surface cleaning. We normally suggest applying a weed killer 5 - 7 days before you clean the rest of the surface. It is better to use a professional weed killer rather than just pulling the weeds as this method will only result in the return of the double quick time. Using a proper weed killer will ensure that the whole plant is killed including the roots meaning that it won't grow back. Should your mono block surface have any oil stains we recommend using our SP Strip which is a powerful brick cleaning acid. it simply requires dilution then, once applied to the surface, the area should be brushed and rinsed before the area dries. SP Strip will not only remove oil stains but will also deep clean the blocks themselves giving you a much brighter coloured surface.

The most important area to brush is in between the blocks. This may sound obvious but it must be remembered that the more growth you can remove before cleaning then the quicker and more cost effective any chemical treatment will be. Should you decide that a smaller wire broom would be better for your area, we do have a professional quality Wire Joint Broom & Handle which will allow you to brush the joints as opposed to the whole surface.

If you have heavy staining or dirt or just areas that you are struggling to clean, and you have decided not to use SP Strip, then our Rapid Acting Surface Cleaner can help. Best used for stubborn areas it should be sprayed on to the area that is causing you trouble, allowed to work for 10-15 minutes before being rinsed.

Alternatively, after the initial preparation of your mono block just spray the area with BATICLEAN CR
which is a pH neutral surface cleaner and should only be applied to a dry surface on a dry day. This doesn't require rinsing and will help to keep the surface clean.