What Is Soft Washing?

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is a low-pressure cleaning technique used for removing moss, algae, and black spot from potentially fragile surfaces that may be damaged when using high-pressure spraying equipment. Surfaces cleaned using Soft Washing commonly include conservatories, windows, and delicate roof materials (such as shingles or thatch).


What equipment will I need?

The first thing required for Soft Washing is a specialised cleaning product. We have a comprehensive range of Moss Killers and Surface Cleaners suitable for Soft Washing, including specialised glass and conservatory cleaners and concentrated moss and algae killer suitable for use on shingle roofs.

All of Our Sprayers are suitable for Soft Washing. Specialised Soft Washing equipment is often said to be essential, but as long as a sprayer operates at low pressure and features a proper chemical seal, it will be suitable for Soft Washing. Our Sprayers operate between at between 1.5 BAR and 6 BAR, meaning that they work at low enough pressures to minimise risk of damaging fragile surfaces.

When Soft Washing a roof, a Sprayer Extension Lance may be desirable as it will help to direct spraying, which can become difficult when spraying at lower pressures. We offer a range of lances of varying length (including telescopic lances) to fit any of our sprayers.

For advice regarding soft washing products, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US