Garden Chafer Beetle Pheromone Trap

This trap catches chafer beetles with an attractant lure included. These destructive pests target lawns, parks and sport pitches.

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Chafer bugs can be extremely destructive pests that target areas such as lawns, parks and sport pitches.

The Garden Chafer beetle emerges from the soil during May & June each year. The adults will fly to flower borders or areas of trees or shrubs where they will feed. Shortly after this, the females will lay their eggs in grassed areas so that once the eggs develop into grubs they can feed on the root systems of the grass. The grubs can occur in large numbers which can cause significant damage to lawns with the grass slowly turning yellow as the grubs munch their way through the root system. As the grass starts to die animals, such as birds, are attracted to the area and will dig at the surface as they try to expose the grubs for a tasty meal.

The adult beetles can be caught and monitored using this trap which uses an attractant to lure and hold the beetles.

This trap includes the attractant lure which can cover up to half an acre (2000sqm) and the pheromone lasts 6-8 weeks. More traps can be used to increase the catch rate. The trap should be hung 50-100cm from the ground in May to destroy the pests during the flying season before they become destructive in the months around August and September. The lure is supplied in a liquid vial which will need to be cut off and placed in the trap. This liquid should be stored in the fridge/freezer until use in order to keep it fresh.

Trap Contents

Your trap consists of 8 separate parts plus a sachet of attractant. Your trap is assembled before it leaves us to ensure that the trap is complete before it is packaged for delivery to you:

  • 1 x clear plastic funnel trap
  • 1 x green plastic funnel trap cover with 4 (28mm long) vane fixing points
  • 2 x green plastic interlocking funnel vanes
  • 1 x circular lid with 2 hanging points
  • 1 x sachet of attractant lure
  • 1x lure cage
  • 1 x lure cage cap
  • 1 x trap hanging string


The trap should only take a couple of minutes to assemble and should be quite self explanatory however the following step by step instructions may help:

  • Place clear trap on flat surface and attach trap cover by turning anti-clockwise until all four locking lugs have located
  • Interlock the 2 funnel vanes & attach to funnel top by pushing all 4 small locating pins into the 28mm long fixing points on the trap cover
  • Attach circular lid to the top of funnel vanes
  • Open foil lure sachet and place contents into plastic lure cage
  • Fit cap to lure cage
  • Insert lure cage into circular hole in the lid
  • Attach hanging string to lid and hang trap
  • Half fill the clear trap with water together with a small amount of detergent

As the trap is designed to be hanging so ensure that all of the parts are fitted securely.

  • Hang traps from the start of May until the end of June
  • Hang traps from a pole or cane at a height between 50cm-100cm from ground
  • Place traps at edge of lawn
  • Half fill the clear trap with water & detergent
  • Attractant lure lasts around 6 weeks