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Easy to use, selective herbicide weed killer for use on all types of grassed area such as lawns, grassland and amenity turf.  Each pack contains 2 litres which gives a coverage of 10,000m2 when diluted in water.


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Product Description

Celadon is an easy to use, selective herbicide (weed killer) that is designed to be used on all types of grassed area such as lawns, grassland and amenity turf. It contains two active substances (florasulam & fluroxyyr) and should be used to control unwanted broadleaf plants including dandelion, daisy & creeping buttercup amongst others.

Treatment should be made between the months of March - October which is when the unwanted plants are in their growing phase. Best results are when the plants are small and when the soil contains moisture so we recommend not applying during hot or prolonged dry periods.

Each 2 litre pack will give a coverage of 10,000m2 (1 hectare) or just less than 2 acres. Celadon should be mixed with water and application is best made with a knapsack sprayer or, if treating a very large area, a vehicle mounted boom sprayer. You will find a number of knapsack sprayers on our sprayers collection or a more extensive range can be found on our bestsprayers website.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of this product then please CONTACT US.

Care must be taken when using this product so all instructions and directions should be followed. Please also consider the environment, not just for the use and disposal of herbicides but also where you are using them. Unwanted weeds are food for many types of insect and other animals so please consider only treating areas that you feel is important to treat. Maybe leave borders, or more hidden areas, untreated. This small change will save you money and help the insect population.

Product Specification

Application rate - 2 litres per hectare (10,000m2)
Pack coverage - 1 hectare
Dilution rate - 200 litres water per hectare
Maximum Treatment - Once per year
Treatment areas - Lawns, amenity lawns/grassland
Application equipment - Knapsack sprayer or vehicle mounted sprayer
Contains - 100g/l fluroxypyr & 2.5g/l florasulam


How is Celadon best applied?

With this type of product, the best application method is to spray. Care should always be taken to ensure that the operator is protected but also that nature is protected so do not spray when the wind is strong or strong enough to cause spray drift and possible damage to surrounding areas. Also, be sure to follow the directions for the disposal of the product when cleaning your sprayer. It is very important that you do not dispose of excess solution into the drains so only mix the amount you require and use it all on the area, being treated, including any flushing solution.

When should I use Celadon Herbicide?

Use a herbicide when the unwanted plants are in their growing phase. Generally, this is between the months of March to October but not during very hot or prolonged dry spells. Celadon is best used when the soil contains moisture, not when it is baked hard.

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