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Organic Mole Repellent

Organic Mole Repellent

A natural, humane powder to protect lawns, grassed areas and vegetable plots from moles tunnelling and producing molehills.


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    Product Description

    Our Mole Repellent is a natural, organic product that uses predator-simulating scent to deter moles from tunnelling and producing molehills. This scent is virtually undetectable to humans and contains
    nutrients to help regrow plants following use.

    • Stimulates a fear based response which encourages moles to go elsewhere
    • The odour is unpleasant to the animal, but not to humans
    • Repels moles without harming them or other wildlife
    • Children and pets may be allowed onto treated areas
    • Protects up to 50m²
    • Contains additional plant-supporting nutrients to help regrow plants following use

    Product Specification

    As a dry powder into mole tunnels

    Check for recent mole activity and, using a garden spade or other suitable garden tool, open up a hole into the tunnel connecting adjacent molehills. Shake the pack well. Open and squeeze the pack to discharge about 10g into the tunnel. Firm up the soil above the tunnel and repeat along the runs between each molehill. Finally sprinkle the repellent at a rate of 10g/m2 evenly over the treated area. The material absorbs moisture naturally from the environment and lightly adheres to surfaces providing an extended period of protection. Reapply at 6-8 week intervals or as necessary to the protected area if further molehills appear.

    As a preventative treatment

    Sprinkle Stay Off Mole Repellent evenly at a rate of 10g/m2 over areas adjacent to mole runs or where moles have previously been active. Applying Stay Off Mole Repellent to lawns will also provide nutrient, improving grass colour and growth.

    Pack Size - 500g
    Coverage - approximately 50 square metres

    Please follow all instructions during use and for disposal.

    Always use plant protection products safely and keep out of reach of children and pets.


    If this works by producing a smell the moles don't like, then will I be able to smell it?

    Providing that you follow the recommended application instructions then this scent is virtually undetectable to humans. It does, however, contain nutrients to help regrow plants following use.

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