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Profi Sprayer

Profi Sprayer

The Profi sprayer has a 10-litre recommended maximum fill within a 12.5-litre total tank volume. A 2.5-metre recoil hose is supplied meaning you aren't tied to the tank, placing it on the floor allows you to walk to spray or even climb a ladder without having to take the weight with you. For even greater flexibility you can increase this to a 5-metre hose.


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Product Description

The Profi has a 2.5-metre recoil hose, as standard, which gives superb reach and flexibility when you don't want to carry the tank. Place the tank on level ground and you can freely walk whilst spraying. Another advantage of a recoil hose is that it allows you to keep everything neat and tidy and you don't have to worry about trailing a long hose.

In addition, you have the option of an additional 5-metre hose. Simply swap the hoses, when required, and you can now move up to 5-metres from your tank. This can be very useful when spraying from a
ladder as the tank can stand on the floor whilst you spray at height or just leave the tank in one place whilst you walk.

The sprayer is fitted with NBR seals and benefits from a tank ullage (difference between total tank volume and filling capacity) of 2.5-litres
which gives a decent spray time, before you have to pressurise the tank, as the larger
volume allows for the storage of more pressurised air. This is especially important when you need to start spraying with the maximum 10-litres of liquid in the tank. The build quality is very good when compared to many sprayers, meaning that it will handle more rough & tumble so professional users will also find this a good addition to their kit.

The ideal plant protection sprayer, the Profi can be used to treat all types of low cultures and shrubs in the home garden as well as an applicator for tree treatment and more advanced forestry work and, not forgetting, weed control. The 10-litre maximum fill does give you an advantage when working away from a water source, compared with the 5-litre tanks, as it will save you time.

This sprayer can also be used with a compressor, meaning that you would have a constant supply of air with no pumping (see accessories above).

Product Specification

Tank capacity - 12.5-litres
Tank working capacity - 10-litres
Tank Ullage - 2.5-litres
Working pressure - 3 bar
Unit weight - 3 kg
Tank construction - plastic, single piece construction
Carried by a shoulder strap
Nozzle supplied - brass hollow cone 1.1mm (we offer a full range of nozzles and inserts)
Lance - 500mm brass
Hose - 2.5-metres recoil hose (5-metre hose available in accessories)
Pump - plastic with steel piston rod
Compressor compatible

Seals - NBR - Synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. NBR seals are are highly resistant to oils, greases and hydrocarbons and is slow to wear.


What does Tank Ullage mean?

Ullage is the name given to the difference between the recommended maximum fill and the total tank capacity. This is an important consideration, with compression sprayers, as the larger the ullage the more space there is for compressed air and the more compressed air then the longer spraying time is before you run out of pressure. This sprayer has an ullage of 2.5-litres, so when the tank is filled to the recommended maximum you have space for 2.5-litres of air.

Can this sprayer be used with your long telescopic lances?

Yes, the Profi sprayer can be used with either our 5.4-metre and 3.2-metre telescopic lances as well as our 2.5 metre lance and smaller extensions.

This just looks like another 10-litre sprayer why is it more expensive than some in your range but cheaper than others?

You get what you pay for. The price of a sprayer depends upon what features the sprayer has such as hose type, seals, internal coatings and connectors. It may not always be obvious what the differences are but our technical specifications should give much of the information for you. This particular sprayer has a high build quality, recoil hose and metal compression shaft.

Please explain the option for the additional hose

With the Profi sprayer, you have the choice of purchasing an additional 5-metre hose. The sprayer is supplied with a 2.5-metre recoil hose as standard. This is a very useful and practical hose which works very well for most spraying applications. However, some of our customers have found that a longer hose would be helpful especially when spraying from a ladder as the tank can be left on the floor. The additional hose is not a recoil design but is supplied with both tank and stop valve fittings meaning that the two hoses can be easily swapped when required.

Why do you mention the type of seals as I don't normally see this advertised on sprayers?

Seals are important. If you don't have the right seal for the liquid you are using then you could start to see leaks. For a majority of liquids used around the home, such as weed killers, then most seal types should suffice but with many cleaning solutions, oils, fuels or industrial fluids you should check compatibility.

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